6 Reasons Dunkin’ Needs To Rethink Its Paper Cups

If you’re a fan of Dunkin’ coffee, then you know the pain points of the new Dunkin’ paper cups. While they may be better for the environment, the new cups are horrible.

Here are some of the most common problems with the new paper cups.

Dunkin' Paper Cup Complaints and Frustrations
A Dunkin’ Paper Cup with New Lid

Dunkin’ Paper Cup Complaints and Frustrations

1. Dunkin’ Paper Cups Are TOO Hot To Hold

One of the biggest complaints about the new paper cups is that they are too hot to hold. 

When you’re driving and trying to hold a hot cup of coffee, your coffee will inevitably be too HOT to hold, especially right after visiting the drive-thru window. 

Cups that are TOO hot are especially problematic for people who like to take their coffee on the go.

2. The Coffee Always Finds A Way To Come Out

The point of a cup and a lid is to hold the liquid securely. Dunkin’ paper cups need to catch up in this category. 

No matter how tight you push on the lid, coffee always finds a way to come out of the cup. 

We push the lid at least ten times daily to ensure the coffee stays inside. 

3. Separation At The Seams

The cups are just tearing at the seams and almost exploding. The new paper cups often begin to peel at the vertical seams and leak. 

This annoys people who like to drink their coffee without making a mess.

Bottom line?

Don’t squeeze your paper cup! 

4. The Lids Leak, Especially In The Car

Ever had a Dunkin’ paper cup fill up your cup holder?

No matter how hard you push on that lid, coffee will always fill your cup holder as coffee trickles down the side. 

What a mess! 

Let’s face it, the bumps in America’s roads cause enough spill throughout a given calendar year. 

5. Lids Randomly Pop Off

Another big complaint about the new paper cups is that the lids easily pop off.

Lids popping off can happen at any time, we noticed it frequently occurs when a Dunkin’ crew members hand the cups out of the drive-thru window.

Instead, grab the drink with two hands and keep pressure on the lid as you bring the beverage inside your vehicle.

By doing this, you will limit the number of spills in your vehicle and on your clothing. 

6. Coffee Doesn’t Stay Warm For Long! 

Coffee stays warm for a shorter time with the new style cup. 

The previously used Styrofoam cups held heat better and insulated your drink, but the new paper cups are thin and not thoroughly insulated.  

Dunkin’ Please Rethink Your Paper Cups!

There was even a new Facebook group called “We Hate Dunkin’ Paper Cups!”.

Since the launch of paper cups last June, the previous dart lids that used to be on foam cups have returned and are better, but the cups themselves have serious shortcomings. 

It’s time for Dunkin’ to rethink its paper cups. The new cups are of horrible quality and are causing a lot of frustration for customers.

Hopefully, Dunkin’ will switch back to a more durable solution that doesn’t involve flimsy paper cups that leak and collapse easily.

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