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10 Things You Should Know About CBD Coffee: An Ultimate Guide

It was only a matter of time before people learned to create a superior product comprised of two of the most well-loved products on the market today: CBD and coffee. Exactly how does it work and does it work well?

If you’re curious about all the craze behind CBD coffee, keep reading. In this post, we cover what CBD is, a few of the best CBD coffee brands, and where to buy CBD coffee so you can try it for yourself!

CBD Coffee

1. CBD Coffee Can Mean a Few Things

The term CBD coffee may seem self-explanatory–coffee with CBD, right? While you are correct, there is more than one way to achieve what we call “CBD coffee.”

CBD coffee can be as simple as infusing a fresh cup of joe with a few drops of CBD oil. You know exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting because you can measure it through the dropper.

A little tip to keep in mind: let the coffee sit a little before adding your drops of CBD oil in.

CBD oil has a boiling point of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating the oil beyond these temperatures can cause the oil to evaporate, thereby losing any benefits that CBD oil may add to the coffee. Enjoy this fresh cup of CBD-infused coffee without burning your tongue.

On the other hand, CBD coffee can also mean hemp coffee.

Hemp coffee is a mixture of dried hemp flower with coffee grounds. Hemp flower contains the CBD compound, making this dried concoction, “CBD coffee.”

Unlike the method above, it is hard to determine how much CBD is in the CBD coffee as CBD contents in hemp flower will vary by batch.

2. You Should Plan Your Drink 

Most people brew a fresh pot of coffee, first thing in the morning. However, as research shows, the best time to drink a cup of coffee is not right when you wake up. You should wait an hour or longer after waking up to consume caffeine.

The reason behind timing your drink is to allow levels of cortisol, the stress hormone in your body that regulates sleep-wake cycles, to decline. Drinking caffeine with high cortisol levels in your body does little to actually “wake you up.” Instead, you’ll have to drink more caffeine for your body to feel attentive, alert, and energized. This can lead to caffeine intolerance.

Cortisol levels peak at around 30 minutes to 45 minutes after waking. We would recommend drinking your coffee after this period.

For CBD with coffee, we would recommend that you drink this when you don’t need to be on high alert. CBD can make you feel more relaxed and calm, which might not be what you’re looking for, first thing in the morning.

3. Enjoy It Fresh

The best way to make a cup of CBD coffee is to use fresh beans. You can check out our most recent blog to learn how to best store your beans.

After grinding the beans, you can use a french press, a pour-over, reusable K-Cups, or however you like to make your coffee. Enjoy your fresh cup of CBD coffee for the day!

4. It Can Taste Earthy

The type of beans, how they’re roasted, and the amount of CBD in your CBD coffee can all determine how your CBD coffee will taste. If anything, CBD coffee can have a more earthy taste, but it won’t stray too far from your regular cup of joe.

You can always make a better cup of coffee following one of our favorite coffee recipes that you can find on our site. Check it out!

5. It Does Not Get You High

One thing that new CBD coffee drinkers may be wary about when approaching this novelty coffee is, whether drinking this coffee will get them high. You’ll be glad to know, it doesn’t.

While CBD is one of the main compounds found in hemp, a plant derived from the Cannabis sativa family, it is unlike THC–the psychoactive compound that delivers the “high” that people get from using cannabis. CBD is better associated with the medicinal and healing properties of cannabis, including:

  • treating epilepsy syndromes
  • reducing anxiety
  • lowering pain and inflammation
  • aiding addiction recovery

CBD does tend to induce a more relaxing feel which, when paired with coffee, can help to reduce caffeine jitters and calm your heart palpitations.

However, some CBD coffee drinkers have noticed that they don’t feel as high-alert and as energized drinking CBD coffee as regular coffee. It is definitely a cup to brew when you’re looking to chill.

6. You May Feel Side Effects

While users have touted the calming benefits of CBD coffee, you may experience some unintended side effects, as well. A common side effect of drinking CBD coffee–and taking CBD in general–is a feeling of sluggishness.

While the coffee can energize you, the CBD may act as a “downer” in the sense that it can suppress your sense of hyper-alertness. It’s not sedating, but it’s relaxing.

7. Find Your Right CBD Coffee Dosage

The right CBD dosage in CBD coffee for you will depend on a variety of factors including body weight, experience with CBD, medications you may be taking, and more. Speak with your doctor to help you determine the right CBD dosage.

However, a good starting dosage for beginners may range from 10-20mg. You can use this as a starting point to gauge your right dosage.

CBD Infused Coffee

8. There are Different Types of CBD

When choosing the right CBD coffee for you, do consider the different types of CBD you want in your perfect CBD coffee.

CBD ranges from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, to isolate CBD. The difference between these three types of CBD is whether the CBD product contains other cannabinoids in it, as well.

Full-spectrum CBD will contain CBD and some THC, delivering an experience that combines the best of these cannabinoids, also known as the Entourage effect.

Isolate CBD is a pure extract of CBD, containing zero traces of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD is a compromise between full-spectrum and isolate. It generally refers to CBD products that have minimal traces of CBD. Most CBD products on the market tend to be broad-spectrum CBD because getting pure isolate CBD products is quite expensive.

Keep these labels in mind when shopping for the right CBD coffee for you.

9. The Top Rated CBD Coffee Brands

CBD coffee may be widespread and plenty, however, a few brands have risen amongst the ranks. Each brand below has impressed CBD coffee drinkers with its quality, taste, packaging, and more.

You may find one CBD coffee brand better suited for you than another, depending on what kind of coffee and what type of CBD you prefer.

Green Roads

Upon opening a bag of Green Roads’ Hemp Flower Coffee Blend, the scent of fresh Colombian coffee beans and a tinge of hemp earthiness will waft through the air and awaken your sense of smell with a pleasant coffee aroma.

This medium-roast blend makes the perfect cup of coffee that is smooth, balanced, and refreshing. Fans rave about the simultaneous energizing and calming effects of this specific coffee that make it perfect to start their day with, and perfect as an after-work drink.


Strava CBD Coffee is well celebrated for its wide variety of broad-spectrum CBD coffee. Whether you’re looking for caffeinated or decaf coffee, medium or dark roast, coffee beans or K-Cups, Strava has it all.

This CBD coffee brand even offers different infusion strengths of 4mg, 10mg, and 20mg per serving, for those wanting to play around with CBD coffee dosages.

Are you having a hard time choosing which one of their CBD coffee products to go with? Why not try them all? Strava offers a CBD coffee discovery bundle of K-Cups so you can sample a bit of each of their coffee offerings before purchasing the full-size.

Buddha Beans

Aside from having an awesome brand name, Buddha Beans is amongst the top favorites of CBD coffee enthusiasts for its high-quality and fair-trade coffee. Buddha Beans roasts and infuses all its coffee in-house, allowing the team full control of the final product–a high-quality product you can distinguish by taste.

As fans can attest, a cup of Buddha Beans’ CBD coffee delivers the appropriate amount of energy without the jitters, along with a dose of calming relaxation. It is smooth, balanced, and easy on the stomach–everything you want in your CBD coffee.

10. You Can Source CBD Coffee Online

After having read all about CBD coffee and the best CBD coffee brands on the market, you may be wondering, where can I buy CBD coffee?

While you can stop by your local coffee shop to see if they carry CBD coffee, you will likely have better luck online. We recommend purchasing your CBD coffee directly from the websites of these CBD coffee brands to ensure fresh and high-quality products.

Is CBD Coffee Right For You?

Although this product has swept the public on its feet, winning the hearts of coffee drinkers nationwide, CBD coffee is not right for everyone. We recommend you consult with your physician or dietician to determine whether you should introduce CBD coffee in your daily routine, before going full speed ahead.

For more tips, tricks, and coffee recipes to satisfy your coffee needs, check out more from our blog!

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