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Dunkin’ Summer Menu #2 The Sequel

The summer has not even officially started, and Dunkin’ is already teasing the sequel of its first summer menu. According to a leak from Reddit, we are getting glimpses at what they may have in store for us with Summer Menu #2 with new drinks releasing on June 23, 2021.

Ready to try Sunrise Batch as an iced coffee? So are we!

Dunkin Summer Menu #2

Strawberry Popping Bubbles

The new menu includes an iced version of the popular Sunrise batch limited brew and strawberry popping bubble drinks –a strawberry-flavored popping bubble that bursts with flavor in your mouth.  The Strawberry popping bubble drinks are accompanied by a choking hazard disclaimer for children under 3 years of age and must be served with a new wider straw.

Sunrise Batch Iced Coffee

Sunrise Batch replaced the seasonal Explorer Batch coffee earlier this year and is only available as a hot coffee. If you love the new Sunrise Batch blend, you should be very excited to try a Sunrise Batch iced coffee come June 23rd.

Dunkin Summer Menu 2

Other Menu Items

The Dunkin’ Summer Menu #2 also contains other items such as a Smoked Vanilla Cold Brew with sweet cold foam and promises to make a better-grilled cheese sandwich for the kids.

All Dunkin’ Summer #1 menu items are staying on board until at least August 17, 2021. This includes Sunrise Batch Hot Coffee, Croissant Stuffers, Bagel Minis, Grilled Cheese, Butter Pecan Swirl/Signature Latte, Lemonade, Lemonade Refreshers, and Berry Powdered Donuts.

Updated June 25, 2021:08:18 AM.

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