10 Starbucks Drinks Baristas Hate To Make

Working as a barista for a part-time college job sounds like a lot of fun. But like any job, annoyances are just part of the job of being a barista. We recently surveyed about 50 Starbucks baristas about the Starbucks drinks they hate to make the most! The results were eye-opening. Here are the 10 Starbucks drinks Baristas hate to make.

Drinks Starbucks Baristas Hate to Make

Starbucks Medicine Ball

The Starbucks secret menu Medicine Ball that’s not part of the secret menu and is just a Honey Citrus Mint Tea. It drives a barista crazy when someone orders a medicine ball or “cold buster.” Just request a Honey Citrus Mint Tea and be done with it! Baristas believe there is no benefit to drinking a “Medicine Ball” while sick other than the honey.

Modified Drinks At The Window

Baristas have their routine and process-perfected when drinks are ordered. Changing an order in mid-stream or modifying a drink at the window poses quality consequences and delays for other customers. Don’t be a window changer!

Drinks with Honey

When surveyed, it seems that drinks with honey packets can be time-consuming. Baristas use scissors to cut open the packages and squeeze them for eternity. Cleaning up the sticky mess that results from honey causes delays and more movement behind the counter than we can imagine.

Trenta Drinks with 20 Packs of Equal

This sounds ridiculous, but it’s a common occurrence for a Starbucks customer to order a Trenta-sized ice coffee with 20 packets of equal or sweetener. Ripping open all of these packets creates quite the mess and is very time-consuming; if you order something with 20-packets, offer to add the sweetener yourself.

Orders with Multiple Smoothies

Some baristas hate making smoothies and the blending process. This is mainly because access to multiple refrigerators is required and the time it takes to blend multiple smoothies. Be kind and try not to order 7 smoothies in one order.

Starbucks Secret Menu Items

The internet and social media have created a mess for baristas when customers try to order something from the Starbucks secret menu. It’s a challenge for baristas to interpret and ask questions to figure out what drink to make. Furthermore, after finally figuring out what a customer wants, 80% of customers will not tip a barista for using their time and mixology knowledge to create a custom drink. Don’t be that person!

Double Shots on Ice and Fraps with Shots

“The smell makes me want to vomit,” says one barista. We love the smell of espresso, so I’m not sure about this one, especially if you are working in a coffee shop.


Frappuccinos tend to be difficult on a barista because of custom requests. Customers will order a frappuccino from the menu and then request to alter it somehow. The art of making a perfect frappuccino already requires multiple steps, and adding other modifications can make a rough time for a barista. If you are unsure what frappucinos are available, check out our ultimate guide about Starbucks frappuccinos!

Splashes of Specialty Milks

Ordering drinks with specialty milk can be a challenge for a barista as they need to locate the exact milk you are looking for from multiple refrigerators. Baristas told us these orders make them move the most out of any other drinks.

Drinks with Chips aka. Java Chips

Drinks like the double chocolatey chip or java chip frappuccinos are nuisances because of the mess created by scooping chips. The scoops are small, spill all over the counter and floor, and require constant clean-up. One barista told us, “I have a special kind of hatred for scooping chips.”

Barista Drink Hate Summary

This post aims to educate Starbucks customers on how they can help their baristas make the drink they want with minimal annoyances. If your drink requires multiple steps, be kind and tip your barista accordingly for their efforts.

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